First off HARLEM STAND UP FOR REAL Gs…But FOH wit that “the whole industry is just a knockoff of LES or SOHO”… thats how the EAST vs WEST got started w/ ppl shit talking…plus yall too new to shit talk…shorty…GET HUMBLE…yall mogs guzzling 40oz… and fake gangbanging(nyc bloods is really carbon copy of WEST COAST) and yall are “posers” if u dont skate!!! rocking all that skate gear yall front with! foh as soon as possible stoggaf. yall wanna be WU tang but aint half the mens or mcs of them dudes…. the music is ok from yall…its nothing new though… son…yall wave finna break real soon… Ride it as long as u can….then back to obscurity…
Comment on A$AP Mob piece on Complex, also LOLLLLLLZ at Yams hitting on strippers by telling them he’s French Montana’s young brother. 
  1. cameronr said: i agree with this.
  2. dalatu said: the opening of this article reads like any Odd Future article from a year ago. LOL #CREWLOVE
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