DJ Sprinkles on his song “Ball’r (Madonna-Free Zone)”: 

When Madonna came out with her hit “Vogue” you knew it was over. She had taken a very specifically queer, transgendered, Latino and African-American phenomenon and totally erased that context with her lyrics, “It makes no difference if you’re black or white, if you’re a boy or a girl.” Madonna was taking in tons of money, while the Queen who actually taught her how to vogue sat before me in the club, strung out, depressed and broke.”

So yeah, if I seemed salty on the Tweeter last night during 1/2time, this is what I was thinking about. That said, pumped for MikeQ’s “Vogue” remix… THESE PPL BASICALLY WRITIN MY EMP PAPER FOR ME.

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    Not disputing this, but she did right by Jose and Luis Xtravaganza at least.
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    Among the things Gaga has stolen from Madonna is her willingness to plunder
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