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What is your opinion on "vaporwave", the imagery is amazing but a lot of it seems like chopped and screwed adult-contemporary and early 90's R&B.

Look at me just getting around to answering questions. So, I had no idea wtf “vaporwave” was, looked it up and found this piece on Dummy. I really like the idea of “lo-fi musicians co-opting the sounds hi-def capitalism” a lot, but calling that type of music “vaporwave” seems counterintuitive to an anti-capitalist (or deconstructive-capitalist) stance and also, pretty dumb. Who the hell coined that shit? Anyway, of the artists mentioned in the piece, my favorites are Fatima al Qadiri, Gatekeeper, and Jam City, and I can see them having similar philosophies but think their sounds are very different. Dis Magazine runs this shit. Some of the other artists mentioned, I can’t really listen to much because as you say, it’s like screwed-down ’90s R&B which is hella oldester (2009) to me and also ZZZ, I can do that right now on my iPad. Which I guess is the point? But I’m not paying to go to your show. 

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