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Can you speak on this Chief Keef/BDot/Solange discussion that has been occurring? A lot of the reactions from white male writers scare me as a fellow white male who listens to a lot of rap and r&b. Noz wrote about how "ignorant" music "demand[s] intelligent analysis" which was super condescending and he was mostly praised for it. Everyone is basically mocking Solange, which is maybe a way to mask their insecurity? I liked what BMI and Rembert said but I always appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!

God, I’m so late on answering these things. I would have had a longer answer before but now I’m late so I’ll be succinct: I totally actually agreed with Solange: if you’re going to write about music, particularly a genre of music with a long history of getting fucked by a colonial music industry, do your goddamn research and stop fronting. 

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