So anyway LADY LESHURR RUNS THE UNIVERSE. When I think about great un-had lady rap battles, I think about her and Minaj IN A REAL ACTUAL CIPHER, LIKE IN THE OLDEN DAYS. Much as j’adore Onika, I think Leesh might lay her out? On her “Did It On Em” freestyle, she supplants Minaj’s crippling intro line all these bitches is my sons — already a nuclear diss — with ALL THESE DUDES ARE MY DAUGHTERS, flipping both opponents and presumed humiliation tactics. Unfortunately she too closely models Minaj’s venom voice on that track but it’s a not-that-low point on a new mixtape, Friggin L, full of bangers. Oh you want to know the high point? Toss up between “6 Ft 7” freestyle — in which she raps two verses at Busta speeds, slows it down and then talks about how much she loves Lil Wayne — and “Look at Me Now,” which has been a hit for her in the UK for a couple months partly for her skill and for her versatility. Perhaps you would like to see her do it live for the first time in her bedroom in early May (stamped cheeky and cute with pink playboy bunny logos, underscoring her age — she’s like 19 or 20 now), or at the G Shock store in East London later that month because, like, why not.

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