MySpace put up their underrated singles of 2013 today. I contributed but my choices got AXED because they weren’t on proper albums (to which I countered: IT IS 2013!!). The lovely edit staff offered me another chance but I didn’t have time, however. HERE ARE MY ORIGINAL BLURBS. 

Para One f. Irfane, Teki Latex & Cam’ron, “Every Little Thing”

In a year when Cam’ron revealed a softer, gentler, more in-love side of himself (via Vine and Instagram, no less), he foreshadowed his romanticism by hopping on a sex-funk track made by three crooning Parisians. There’s no Juju shout-out, but you can hear her influence, and even Irfane and Teki seem mesmerized by the thought of her visage. Cam sings too, obvs: “I usually tell the girl to blow this…but you that deal for real.” THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS AFTER SATURN RETURNS, LADIES; KEEP YA HEADS UP. 

Tigga Calore, "Beads"

"The bitches throw shade cause they just can’t take": Azealia Banks tweeted the chorus earlier this year to one of her many adversaries, but it went over most peoples’ heads. Tigga Calore has been quietly running New York in low-key stealth mode for years, an underground boss who deserves wider acclaim; this MikeQ-and-Brenmar-produced house banger was essentially her sole release this year, but heavy enough to be bumped for ten straight months. Rooted in ballroom culture and spat with the most-unbothered of tones, "Beads" ("Bitches Everywhere Always Desire Shade") precedes a future when the boroughs will be Calore’s undisputed kingdom; bow down while you still can. 

"Find me a condo somewhere. Hundred mill and up." OKAY, CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW CAM’RON IS SING-RAPPING IN A VERY SENSITACHO FASHION ON THIS SONG ABOUT HIS LONGTIME GIRLFRIEND, and that Uptown’s most impetuous is making his electronic-music comeback/debut-ish on a song about loneliness created by Parisians. "I usually tell my girl to blow this/ then disappear in the air like hocus/pocus." THIS IS HIS BEST VERSE IN YEARS. I was thinking about "trap-rave," and how I wish it were more conceptual than literal, because the idea of future-minded electronic artists and hardass rappers collaborating like this, in an organic way, is way more interesting than the Cinderella’s stepsister shoehorning of triple time beats with Dutch house squerks that often make me want to kill myself. I was tweeting with Teki Latex about this earlier and he noted that of course, because his crew has been exploring rap/electronic since the early ’00s (with TTC), and yes, all of this makes sense. I also think it’s interesting that Teki & Para One are uniting rap/electronic on A$AP Rocky’s album, as well (the Skrillex collabo was basically a remix of Skrillex’s remix of Birdy Nam Nam featuring Teki Latex and produced by Para One: "Goin’ In." It was a moebius strip of remixing.) Anyway Teki is the man. I have been writing about him since about 2003-2004.  Here is the time I wrote about his, haha. EXCELLENT STYLE, VIBSKOV ALL DAY.