LIL INTERNET’S BEST OF 2011. If you don’t know who Lil Internet is 1. you tripping! 2. he is the funny ginger who hosts Karmaloop TV and basically kills the internet through his Twitter @LilInternet, he is also the person who invented #seapunk but he did it whilst trolling (apparently it worked). In this video: Ab-Soul’s hair catches on fire, Consequence goes on an insane rant, and most amazingly, pro skater Terry Kennedy stops a dude from stealing an iPad (tucks the chain!!). Amazing. 

INCIDENTALLY, Lil Internet is the first guest on CHITTU CHATTU, my new podcast with Dap, where we have interesting people come over and interview them. First episode will be out hopefully January 6, but maybe a bit later depending on when the dirtbag we asked to make our 20-second theme song ever finishes. It will be on, website coming soon too. LIL INTERNET!