P.S. My latest Deconstructing column is on Rusko and how he’s not brostep and how brostep is a stupid term anyway and we should all get over it. I still love the above video, it makes me want to go to a Rusko party. Ironically, the only time I have actually seen, or tried to see, Rusko, was at a huge corporave at Webster Hall, but Claire and I got kicked out before he went on because we were smoking cigarettes inside the venue. (WHATEVER, SO WAS EVERYONE ELSE! AND THEY WERE 15! AND CLEARLY ROLLING ON ECSTASY!!!!!!) They wanted to make an example of the old ladies, apparently. Also, everyone, smoking cigarettes is disgusting, don’t do it. It’s stupid and will make you do embarrassing things, like get kicked out of Webster Hall on a Friday night in front of 3000 kids young enough for you to have feasibly birthed.

The British dubstep artists Chase & Status (who produced some of Rihanna’s album, Rated R), have made a video as part of a Refuge campaign against domestic violence for their song ‘Time,’ f. singer Delilah. It’s a nice counterpoint to Rihanna and Eminem’s domestic abuse-glamorizing song and video for ‘Love the Way You Lie.’ Sigh.