If you listened to Rinse FM at all in 2008 you probably heard the above song, DJ NG and Katy B—I feel like the instrumental was the background for one of those Rinse/FWD parties at the very least, but it’s still indelibly implanted in the brain can. Now Katy B is a hunormous star and maybe one of my favorite vocalists of the last decade. I interviewed her over here for MTV Hive and we talked about nerd stuff. I love fellow nerd chix getting down about dance trax! Somehow I feel there are more of them in LDN, but I also romanticize LDN (never been). I met a dude from the Daily Mail at a fashion week party (TM) this week and he told me LDN is dead and he is moving to Manhattan so whatever, don’t it always seem to go you don’t know what you got til it’s gone, etc.